Newport Beach Extended Family Portaits

It was so much fun taking portraits for this extended family at the Newport Beach Pier. The twins and their cousin were so adorable! They were so interested in the sand that it was hard to get them to look at the camera. We got a ton of shots that I just love. Here’s a few of them:

I just love this shot and decided to see what it would look like with a sunset added. I added the sunset and a light texture to give it a more artsy feel. I really like how it turned out.

One Year Old Twins

I had so much fun taking these adorable twins’ one year old portraits. They are both so cute and gave me so many cute shots. I combined some of my favorites into these storyboards.

Newborn Twins Portraits

I had so much fun doing newborn portraits of Matthew and Audrey. I’ve taken portraits of their big sister Olivia since she was a newborn. Olivia was so sweet with her new little brother and sister and the twins were so good for the almost two hours we spent photographing them. Here’s a few of my favorites.

One Year Old Portraits

It was so much fun taking Ashley’s one year old portraits on Saturday. She is so adorable! She wasn’t too thrilled with the idea of us taking pictures of her, but we got a bunch of cute ones anyway.

Sneak Peek for Chris and Carrie

Yesterday I had the pleasure of taking portraits for Chris and Carrie’s family. They have a 4 month old daughter and an almost 3 year old daughter. Both girls are just adorable. The baby did amazingly well lasting through multiple clothing changes and poses. Big sister was the typical I don’t want to sit still for photos toddler/preschooler. We managed to get some cute shots of her anyway. Here’s some of my favorites.

Olivia’s First Birthday

I had the pleasure of doing Olivia’s first birthday portraits this morning. I did Olivia’s newborn portraits and it was so much fun to be able to do her first birthday portraits as well. She is such a cutie and was very cooperative for a one year old. We were able to get a lot of adorable shots of her. Here’s a few of my favorites.

One Year Old Cousins

Yesterday I had the pleasure of doing one year portraits for a pair of cousins I have taken portraits for since they were newborns. I just love seeing how much they have grown each time I get to take their portraits. It was a flashback to the days when my twins were a year old. Getting two one year olds to sit together for pictures is next to impossible, but we had a lot of fun trying! We did manage to get several adorable shots of the two of them together and a bunch of cute ones of them by themselves. Here’s some of my favorites.

Sneak Peek for Mary

I had so much fun this morning doing portraits of my neighbor’s three month old baby boy, Jude. He was the most cooperative baby. He hardly fussed and let us get in all the shots we wanted. Here’s some of my favorites from this morning. Isn’t he the cutest thing?

We took a few pictures of Jude with big brother Javan. Here’s my favorite one.

Isn’t this one of Javan hugging baby Jude just too cute?

Sneak Peek for Marianne

It was so much fun to take pictures of cute little Nicholas and his adorable sisters this morning. I first took pictures of Nicholas when he as a newborn. He is now a chubby 7 month old and as adorable as anything! Here’s some of my favorite shots of him from this morning.

We also took pictures of Nicholas with his three sisters. Don’t they look adorable together?

We didn’t want to leave out the girls, so we took a few individual shots of each of them. Here’s one of each from oldest sister to youngest.